Data security

Protecting your data means protecting you.

You trust us in many ways, not least when it comes to the use of your personal data. Respecting this trust is at the core of our business relationship and has served as the foundation of our reputation for over thirty years now.

c + s relocation management gmbh recognises the importance of personal data and data protection means more to us than merely adhering to national and European data protection regulations. This is reflected not only in the way we conduct business but also in our information and communications technologies.

The following principles are fundamental, practised principles for c + s relocation management gmbh when it comes to handling personal data:

  • We collect, use, and store only data necessary for providing professional services (on a “need to know” basis). We delete the data within a determined timeframe when it is no longer needed.
  • We employ secure communication channels and take up-to-date technical security measures to prevent unauthorised access to data.
  • We only disclose your data when required by law (such as when re-registering) or when strictly necessary. Disclosure of data for statistical, advertising, or other purposes that do not directly apply to providing you service is not permitted.
  • To the extent that it is possible and reasonable to do so, we anonymise and pseudonymise your personal data.
  • All of our employees are required to observe the data protection regulations and our supplementary company guidelines.
  • Our data protection officer can provide you with information to clarify how and why we handle your personal data.

Privacy policy (PDF)